Kentucky Advanced Materials Manufacturing Company, (KAMM), specializes in the high-capacity production of lab-created diamonds.  From its manufacturing plant in Louisville, Kentucky, and branch office in New York, KAMM is accelerating the adoption of diamond for industrial, electronic, medical and other hi-tech applications.

Utilizing chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technology, KAMM is able to produce both single crystal and polycrystalline diamonds with a variety of qualities tailor-made for the stringent requirements of multiple industries.

KAMM brings to Kentucky over a decade of experience of innovating a wide range of production techniques for lab-grown diamonds.  Through a technical partnership with the University of Louisville’s Conn Center, KAMM is leveraging cutting-edge reactor designs, recipes, and production capabilities to mass produce low cost, extremely high-quality diamonds that meet and exceed the most exacting standards of our customers.

With production commencing in mid-2019, KAMM is in the early stages of establishing the largest lab-grown diamond operation in the United States.  By locating its production facility in in Kentucky, KAMM benefits from the region’s manufacturing expertise, inexpensive supply of electricity and materials, and access to key supply chain partners, such as UPS.

While exploring new diamond applications through Research and Development initiatives, the company’s initial focus will be on the production of synthetic gem diamonds.  As the company grows, so too does our ambition to further explore the full potential of synthetic diamond for quantum computers, sensors and other advanced applications.

As KAMM continues to grow in Kentucky, so does our commitment to the Commonwealth.  Expansion plans include establishing a solar park for on-site generation and consumption of electricity.

Through innovation and a steadfast commitment to ethical business and environmental practices, KAMM is reinventing carbon and enabling technologies needed to build a more sustainable world.