Precision Machining

KYAMMC provides a range of extreme performance products and solutions to meet our customer’s metal machining and processing requirements, including single crystal lab grown diamond, polycrystalline diamond and tungsten carbide products. Our products offer solutions across the range of metalworking tools and dresser applications, and their advantages variously include their ease of use in tool making, uniform wear, excellent thermal stability, choice of orientations (for single crystal lab grown diamond solutions) and that materials can be custom-engineered.


KYAMMC has a full portfolio of supermaterials which provide users with high cutting rates. Our group offers a comprehensive portfolio of technologies and solutions for mining, tunnelling and drilling applications. As a world leader in supermaterials technology, we utilise our expertise and experience to provide solutions that enable continuous and reliable operation. We offers lab grown diamond grits, polycrystalline diamond and tungsten carbide solutions, which provide a number of benefits including greater machinery and rig efficiency and reduced operating costs, elimination of resharpening costs and increased drilling and cutting speeds.


Our Single crystaline Super-Hard Material optics exceptional properties transform component performance.

Our Single crystaline Super-Hard Material optics components can be processed to virtually any shape for a specific application.

Achieve new levels of performance in a wide range of applications with our Single crystaline Super-Hard Material optics.

Thermal Management

KYAMMC helps customers integrate its free standing diamond heat spreaders into their modules and systems.

Our CVD diamond heat spreaders and GaN-on-diamond wafers enable the next generation of High Power RF Devices, Optoelectronics Devices, High-Voltage Power Devices, Semiconductor Assembly & Test Equipment.