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Single crystaline Super-Hard Material use in Mining, Tunelling and Drilling

KYAMMC has a full portfolio of supermaterials which provide users with high cutting rates. Our group offers a comprehensive portfolio of technologies and solutions for mining, tunnelling and drilling applications. As a world leader in supermaterials technology, we utilise our expertise and experience to provide solutions that enable continuous and reliable operation. We offers lab grown diamond grits, polycrystalline diamond and tungsten carbide solutions, which provide a number of benefits including greater machinery and rig efficiency and reduced operating costs, elimination of resharpening costs and increased drilling and cutting speeds.

Polycrystalline diamond (PCD)

We offer polycrystalline diamond (PCD) for use on large cutting or percussive/impact surfaces that can be mounted on drill heads and picks to increase penetration rates and offer longevity of performance life – a valuable feature in geographically remote operations. Where properly applied, PCD tools provide the end-user with unsurpassed levels of productivity and workpiece quality.
Our lab grown diamond-enhanced hard rock inserts represent an integration of advanced material design and product engineering to produce a cost effective solution for performance-focused drilling. The dimensions of our lab grown diamond-enhanced hard rock inserts are produced to customer specifications.


We offer a full range of round shank picks with a full range of head designs, retainer systems and inserts available to specific requirements. Customised tools can be manufactured upon request.
Drill bits are available for blast hole drilling and roof bolting and are equipped with tungsten carbide or polycrystalline diamond inserts to suit the rock conditions.

Grits and powders solutions

We are able to fully utilise lab grown diamond as the working face material in exploratory and blast hole drilling through the world’s hardest formations. In lab grown diamond grits,our group offers a range of sizes, strengths, coatings and encapsulation technologies to serve a wide range of hard rock drilling needs.

Mining of hard rock

The mining of hard rock typically requires the drilling of both exploratory and blasting holes, and we can offer inserts to mount into drill tools or the finished drill tools. The choice of tooling options is designed to suit the differing needs of mines across the world and we work with mining tool equipment manufacturers to match lab grown diamond and carbide performance characteristics to their specific needs.

Mining of soft rock

We also developed a range of hard wearing tungsten carbide products and is currently developing a lab grown diamond pick which we believe will offer overwhelming benefits to the industry.